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All KUBOTA Accredited Dealers in the Philippines

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A successful adoption of any machine will be based on the three major factors which is the need of the machine, operator’s knowledge in using it and finally the after-sales service or repairability of the machine.

Certified Dealers of KUBOTA Machinery

Kubota is the best agricultural machinery brand in the Philippines. 

Along with the popularity of the KUBOTA brand in the Philippines, there are those companies who are pretending to be accredited dealers. 

Here are the following accredited list of companies that are duly accredited.

It might be tempting to source your Kubota machinery from non-authorized companies or agents by luring you with very low prices however you must consider the following;

1.  After Sales Service – Unauthorized companies will have questionable after sales service, accredited dealers have been trained by KUBOTA technicians to handle repairs and proper maintenance of Machines.

2. Availability of Parts – Non-authorized companies will hardly have or no available spare parts therefore diminishing the dependability of your machine during breakdown.

3. No Free Preventive Maintenance Schedule – Accredited Kubota dealers conducts free Preventive Maintenance Schedule which ensures that your machine is frequently being monitored by technicians means longevity of your machine.

Source: www.kubota.com.ph/dealers



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