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Rice Thresher

GVM – Rice Thresher

  • This machine separates the grains from the main parts of of the rice plant.
  • This machine was replaced by the modern Combine Harvester.
  • It requires 6-7 person during operation
  • Powered by 10 hp -12 hp water-cooled Diesel Engine
  • Capacity of 40 cavans per hr or 2000 kg/hr

Where to buy?

Agricultural Machinery are not something you can buy anywhere, price does matter in the short run but the most important consideration in the acquisition of this machinery is after-sales service, farming is a very rigorous activity, machinery tend to break due to many reason. The question now is where is the best place to buy equipment? The answer will not be straightforward however it mainly depends on the following consideration:


  1. Quality of Machinery – Some brands have inherent quality standard which in the some cases like tractors, harvester and engines are high quality. However, you should always consider what is the cost of acquiring the spare parts if ever it would broke down. Or do you consider the total cost of acquisition of the machine if you are going to import it in the country.
  2. User Knowledge – Are you going to use this product for the first time, or are your drivers/user familiar with the mechanism of how the machine works? Are you willing to re-train your operator on how to use this unfamiliar machine? Or if the supplier is willing to train you in the operation of the machine.
  3. After-sales service – Now, I would never choose a company simply because it is near my location. It is very important to take note if you are dealing with machinery, you need someone who can always give you technical advise or better still who will service and maintain your machinery, you should ask for the availability of parts and technicians so that you will have less down time in your operation.


Green Valley Machineries
GVM Building Gensan Drive Koronadal City, South Cotabato